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Working on green hydrogen in The Netherlands

About GroenvermogenNL

The Netherlands and the rest of the world are facing an immense climate challenge. Our fossil-based society and industry must be transformed. The Netherlands is doing this with green hydrogen as a driving force for that transition. GroenvermogenNL is therefore the investment program for green energy for the Dutch economy. This will enable the Netherlands to build up a new industry and an attractive business climate. To make this transition possible, well-trained people and a strong structure of knowledge sharing are necessary.

That is what GroenvermogenNL does: upscaling & innovating, converting & rebuilding, retraining & training.

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First LIVE information session on R&D 'Workpackage 2 Transport and Storage of green hydrogen.

Our first LIVE information session on R&D 'Workpackage 2 Transport and Storage of green H2' is a wrap!

Information session sandpit procedure R&D call Work package 2 (Transport & Storage of Hydrogen)

NWO and GroenvermogenNL are organizing an information session on the new sandpit procedure on November 17.

500 million extra for green hydrogen and chemistry via GroenvermogenNL

The GroenvermogenNL growth fund program will receive an additional 500 million euros to accelerate the realization of a green hydrogen ecosystem in the Netherlands. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, chairman of the National Growth Fund, announced this on 14 April. With this, GroenvermogenNL accelerates the production and use of green hydrogen and related technology in various industrial chains, such as chemistry, kerosene, steel or fertilizer. Besides the fact that this is good for the climate and earning capacity, GroenvermogenNL also strengthens the opportunities for the Dutch manufacturing industry in the field of green hydrogen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With this Q&A we hope to answer all of your questions. Do you have another question, please e-mail the support office at secretariaat@groenvermogenNL.org.

When will GroenvermogenNL start?

The allocated funds are expected to be made available by the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate at the beginning of March 2022. In anticipation of this, recent preparations have been made to be able to start as soon as possible from March 2022. This means the following for the various program components:

  • The DEI+ scheme for the small-scale pilot and demonstration projects of GroenvermogenNL is expected to open in March 2022
  • NWO/RVO is expected to open the first sandpit procedure for the R&D program in March/April. This would mean that the multi-day workshop of the first sandpit will take place before the summer.
  • Based on an implementation plan, NWO/SIA (the governing body for practice-oriented research) and RVO are preparing funding instruments that are expected to start in the spring of 2022.

Under what conditions can I participate in the R&D program as a company?

Rates, co-financing requirements, agreements on IP, etc. are elaborated by NWO and RVO in the sandpit procedure. The experiences of companies with schemes at RVO and NWO are included in this. You can send your questions or suggestions to secretariaat@groenvermogennl.org.

How can I participate?

At the moment, all attention is being paid to developing the subsidy procedures in collaboration with. EZK, NWO and RVO. In any case, resources are allocated through transparent and open procedures, which the implementing organizations publish in a timely manner. GroenvermogenNL is a national initiative. This means that procedures are accessible to all regions and national cooperation is encouraged.

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